A film by Lee Albright 

 The true story of the Jersey Devil

Its lead character, the Jersey Devil, is based on a nearly 300-year-old legend from New Jersey folklore.


Designed for the lucrative PG-13 market, The feature film is a thrill-packed, edge-of-your-seat, creature-feature…with a heart!  

Based on a true story from 1938, the film features all of the elements needed to attract interest including, a captivating story rich in drama, pathos, action, and intrigue. Plus it highlights our unique version of the legend as the Jersey Devil surveys his wilderness domain depicted in flying sequences, never before seen.


Previous attempts to bring the Jersey Devil to the silver screen have treated the beast as a one dimensional killing machine. However, according to legend, the creature was actually born a normal baby boy before being cursed.


Capitalizing on this historic point, our story exposes the Jersey Devil’s human side. Displaying emotions ranging from anger, fear, and  frustration to sheer joy and exhilaration, The Legend Lives reveals human traits to which all audiences can relate.

Lee Albright, Director



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